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4 Important Beauty Tips For Mature Skin

4 Important Beauty Tips For Mature Skin

Age is simply a number, but there’s no shame in wanting to age like a fine wine. While there’s often a lot of social pressure to preserve one’s youthfulness, you don’t have to hop on the bandwagon and stress yourself about it. Remember, stress can cause inflammation that, in turn, can lead to premature wrinkles in mature skin. 

Aside from sporting a new look or getting a drastic change with a pixie haircut, there are other simple and effective ways to help you appear and feel like you’re aging backwards. Whether you’re in your 30’s, 40’s or even your 50’s, below are beauty tips for mature skin that can help you look younger and get gorgeous glowing skin.

Make Sunscreen Your Daily Staple

The sun’s rays are known for the essential Vitamin D. Soaking up its warmth can improve your mood, keep you energized, make you feel warm, and even strengthen your bones. However, its strong UV rays are also the major culprits behind premature dark spots, wrinkles, and pigmentation. 

Whether or not you’re heading outside, it’s important to apply sunscreen during the daytime. UV rays are strong enough to penetrate through clouds and windows. So even on cloudy days or if you’re just staying indoors, it would be best to use sunscreen. 

If you want fewer products, choose a daytime moisturizer with SPF for your mature skin. However, if you often stay outdoors for hours, invest in a broad-spectrum sunscreen that you can reapply every two hours. If you’ll be swimming, choose a product with at least 30 SPF and reapply generously after swimming or every hour. And don’t forget your eyes and lips! Wear sunglasses to protect your eye area and use a lip balm with SPF when you’re out in the sun.

Use Collagen-Rich Products

As you age, your skin will lose its elasticity and ability to hold moisture longer, which can make your skin look dry. Unfortunately, the drier your skin becomes, the more visible the pores and lines on your face will be. Dryness may also make your skin look dull and lackluster.

Skincare is an important part of self-care. If you’re well in your 30s and beyond, your skincare routine should include products with collagen-boosting ingredients. Collagen improves skin elasticity, strengthens the skin barrier, and helps delay the formation of wrinkles. 

The next time you shop for skincare products, check the label and look for ingredients such as niacinamide or vitamin B3, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and other moisture boosters. These ingredients can enhance collagen production and can make your mature skin look plumper, smoother, and more radiant. 

4 Important Beauty Tips For Mature Skin

Choose Your Makeup Products Carefully

A lot of makeup products these days contain harsh chemicals that can leave your mature skin dry. As much as possible, opt for non-comedogenic makeup products that are also hydrating and lightweight. Makeup products with incorporated skincare ingredients are also a better option.

When doing your makeup, avoid thick, matte layers that look unnatural and cakey—this will only make you look older. Instead, go for sheer coverage that looks like second-skin and choose light colors that complement your undertones. If you’re using a liquid foundation, you can thin it down by mixing it with a few drops of any hydrating moisturizer. This will give you a more natural coverage that looks dewy and healthy

If you need to cover spots and fine lines, dab on some liquid concealer with a damp sponge and top it off with a bit of lightweight setting powder to blur them out. 

Get More Vitamin C 

Aside from boosting collagen production, vitamin C has antioxidant properties that can fight against free radicals and prevent pigmentation from surfacing. Serum formulations are more potent and concentrated, which will give you better, targeted results. In particular, Vitamin C serums will help regenerate and brighten dull-looking skin when used regularly.

To get the best results, make sure to apply your vitamin C serum after cleansing or toning your face. Choose a stable form of vitamin C serum to prevent irritation if you’ll be getting sun exposure. You can also consult your dermatologist to get the best recommendations and practical tips that can make your skincare routine tailored better for your mature skin really needs.

And of course, aside from slathering on topical vitamin C, nourish your insides too with foods rich in Vitamin C.

Final Thoughts

Looking and feeling young is only a matter of taking care of yourself well and being mindful of what you put into your mature skin. Invest in skincare products that suit your skin type and choose the kind of makeup that won’t aggravate your skin issues. But most of all, be confident in the skin you’re in! 

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