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5 Important Hacks For Changing Your Lifestyle After A Spine Injury

There are many different reasons why you might end up with a spine injury, but when you do, you will quickly realize you can’t live your life the..


There are many different reasons why you might end up with a spine injury, but when you do, you will quickly realize you can’t live your life the same as you did before.

There are many kinds of spinal injuries. Some of them merely indicate strained muscles and may take just a few days of rest to recover. However, some spinal injuries are horrible and may take years to recover. Something like a herniated disc or spinal stenosis can render you incapable of living everyday life the same way. In addition, you have to navigate your treatment with issues circulating health insurance, work, family, and personal life.

It can become tough for some spinal injury or illness patients to live a quality life. Therefore, health2delivery health experts have devised a list of suggestions that can help improve your lifestyle after a spinal injury;

1. Rest your spine when sleeping

Restful sleeping is crucial to healing your damaged spine. Everyday movements require your spine to work hard, despite the pain or discomfort. Therefore, you need to sleep in a position and place that helps the recovery process. Your mattress and pillow need to support spinal injury and make your bones relax. Use the following suggestions to get restful sleep after your spine injury;

2. Sleep on a firm or a medium-firm mattress

Most people can benefit from sleeping on a firm or semi-firm mattress after a spine injury. An old or soft mattress lets the spine sag, making a recovery harder. However, a firm mattress helps keep the spine erect, making it easier to rest and heal. Choose a mattress that provides maximum support to your spine while maintaining optimal sleeping positions. There are many types of mattresses available in the market. You may need to ask your spine doctor for advice when choosing an appropriate mattress.

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3. Keep the spine naturally aligned

You may need to place a pillow beneath the knees to help reduce stress on your lower back, especially if you are a back sleeper. On the other hand, the side sleepers may need to place a pillow between their knees to help keep their hips balanced. A neck pillow may also help align the cervical part of the spine properly. You can experiment with a few different designs to find what suits you best or ask your doctor for help.

4. Strengthen your core

Your doctor or chiropractor will insist on exercising after spinal injury to help with the recovery. When exercising, you must work to strengthen your abs and back muscles. When these muscles become strong and supple, they will help support your spine and take some pressure off your lower back. 

It is unfortunate that a majority of us rarely use our core muscles in our daily lives. Therefore, you need specifically designed exercises that will target these muscles and make them strong. You can check with your chiropractor, physical therapist, or spine doctor for better advice regarding specific workouts pertaining to your particular case.

5. Wear shoes that support your spine

Whether you walk to get somewhere or exercise, your shoes play a crucial role in supporting your lower back. Therefore, you need to get shoes that will provide a supportive base to keep your spine and body in perfect alignment. Make sure that the sole of your shoes fits your heels snugly but not excessively tightly. You can even consider wearing some add-ons, like inserts or orthotics, to further help with the balance or spinal support.

6. Get a massage

A proper spine massage can have a wide range of therapeutic benefits after spinal injury. It can help increase the blood flow, loosen the tight muscles, reinvigorate connective tissue, and help the injured spine relax. In some cases, a massage can prove crucial to recovery.

Depending upon your injury and spine condition, a moderately hard massage may be more helpful to stimulate the muscles than a light touch massage. Having a massage chair in your home may also help with the recovery in some cases. Your doctor or chiropractor may suggest better options after examining your condition.

7. Practice better ergonomic principles when sitting

The discs in your lower spine come under more pressure when sitting than standing. People also typically spend a large portion of their day sitting, especially if they have an office job. In such cases, it helps to have a better sitting strategy to help with spine recovery. You should neither slouch nor lean forward in order to avoid aggravating your lumbar disks even more. You should also make an effort in choosing a better office chair. The chair should help practice and maintain a good posture while supporting the spine’s natural curves.

Moreover, you should also avoid sitting still for long periods. Occasionally, you should get up to stretch and walk around at least once every hour. Find opportunities to pace around a lot. Your spinal injuries need occasional movement to heal appropriately and absorb the nutrients.

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Last word

The suggestions given in this article are meant to help your recovery after a spinal injury. However, every injury is different and may need to be examined case by case. For better suggestions, consult with your spinal doctor while also continuing to make an effort on your own. Sometimes, a small effort makes a big difference. Best of luck!

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