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7 Top Attractions in America

The USA attracts a massive amount of tourists worldwide every year, as it is the home to several spectacular sceneries. This country is considered..


The USA attracts a massive amount of tourists worldwide every year, as it is the home to several spectacular sceneries. This country is considered the most recognizable icon on the planet. There is a bucket list of destinations that draw visitors from around the world.

The United States is the fourth largest country in terms of country size, with many tourist attractions throughout the region. However, each tack is different from the above. This article discusses the ten most visited places in the USA.

  1. Grand Canyon 

This incredible place is world-famous for its natural beauty. Not only that, the United States is one of the most renowned tourist destinations. Located on the banks of the Colorado River, carved naturally by water, the edge of the Grand Canyon landscape is created. So visitors standing on the rim of the canyon can see the canyon floor one mile below and enjoy its magnificent view.

2. Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore is thought to be one of the most famous landmarks in the United States. Located in South Dakota, this national monument is visible from afar. This magnificent monument was carved out of stone in the early 20th century. You can see the carved statues of four American presidents, including Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt, side by side.

3. Statue of Liberty

No one in the world has not heard the name Statue of Liberty. One of the most famous landmarks globally is the Statue of Liberty, located near New York City. The 152-foot-tall statue is also one of the largest in downtown Manhattan, located in New York Harbor; this seventh wonder can be seen from many places in New York City.

If one wants to see the statue up close, they can go through the ferry service, as many ferries plying the island from the mainland.

4. Walt Disney World Resort

Orlando’s mega amusement park must be on the list, one of America’s top family attractions. Created in 1971, Walt Disney World has been attracting children and adults for years and has retained its appeal year after year.

Not just a theme park, you’ll find Downtown Disney, with water parks, shopping, and theaters, and more, also from fine dining to golf. This park is a place where you can spend about a week.

5. Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park is one of America’s most visited national parks that are situated in California. It is the perfect place for all tourists, particularly for nature lovers. Here you can find the incredible granite domes of El Capitan and Half Dome, which are truly admirable and unparalleled in the world. Here you can enjoy almost everything, from the snowfall of the mountains to the summer storms and the vast waterfalls falling from the hills, all are the main attractions of this park.

This national park has a variety of activities, including hiking, climbing, walking, and horseback riding. Hiking trails take you to some of the park’s most scenic areas and are the best way to spend time in a quiet environment away from the crowds.

You can enjoy the sheer natural beauty of Yosemite from a picnic table over a leisurely home-packed lunch. You can enjoy all the attractions on a driving tour.

7.  White House

Situated in Washington DC, the White House is considered the symbol of the power of the United States. It is the residence and office of the President of the United States offered by the government. This vast white palace was constructed between 1792 – 1800. The first president of the USA, John Adams, started living here, since then it has been the official residence of all the presidents 

White House was reconstructed in 1818; in 1814, it was destroyed by the British Forces. While visiting the USA, don’t ignore making free tours to the White House; it is beautiful. But, you should remember that you need special permission from a member of the country’s congress to visit the palace. You need to apply first to get the pass in advance.

8. Las Vegas Strip

We almost know Las Vegas, the party capital of the world. Therefore, the Las Vegas Strip is a popular destination for world tourists, known as the Mecca of the gambling world. This strip is situated in the middle of the Nevada Desert, famous for its nightlife worldwide.

Many casinos line the strip and a stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard which enriches the casino world of this place. Besides this, the area is also covered with Mega Hotels, Luxurious homes of stay, and different Casinos. Without staying, you cannot imagine what happens in Vegas, which is true. You must try to stay here when you come to visit this pristine location.

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